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Learn About Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a specific type of sleep-disordered breathing. When someone has OSA, the airway is blocked during sleep, preventing the passage of air and leading to pauses in breathing. These blockages are often attributed to a loss of muscle tone around the airway, changes in tissue elasticity over time, and changes in hormone levels (particularly amongst women).

The breathing pauses due to OSA, deprive the brain of needed oxygen during sleep, and are associated with cardiovascular disease, cognitive issues, and other factors that can impact your quality of life.

Symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea:

During the day:

  • Sleepy during the day
  • Poor concentration & memory

At night:

  • Heavy and persistent snoring which is often worse when on your back or after alcohol
  • Sudden or startled wakening, especially with noisy breathing

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The Somn Sleep Assessment contain some questions that are related to screening tools for obstructive sleep apnea.  These questions and analysis are elements of the Body Sleep Factor.  While we can’t diagnose obstructive sleep apnea, a good immediate next step is the STOP-Bang obstructive sleep apnea screening tool; a quick self-reported question set that is an effective screening tool for OSA. It can be found here: STOP-Bang, and you can complete it in just a few minutes.

If you think you may have OSA, talk to your healthcare provider. They may recommend treatments such as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). You can find more information here.

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