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The Somn Sleep Assessment: understand your sleep

Three years in development, the Somn Sleep Assessment is a radically simple, yet holistic sleep health assessment, built on 50 years of sleep research. In just 4-7 minutes, we’ll help you understand, and then start to address, the primary driver(s) of your sleeplessness. Take it today.

We will help you identify the root cause of your sleep struggles so you can find relevant solutions that make a meaningful difference.

Somn Sleep Assessment background

Sleep specialists have developed many clinically validated questionnaires.   These assessments are typically delivered face-to-face by a sleep specialist.  While there are advantages to in-person interaction, there are not nearly enough trained sleep specialists to support the 50-60 percent of the population looking to understand and improve their sleep.  Additionally, these assessments each tend to have a particular focus (e.g. insomnia) rather than looking holistically at sleep

The 5 somn sleep factors

How the Somn Sleep Assessment works

Working with leading sleep specialists, we conducted a thorough review of the existing sleep research from around the world.  We then consolidated and modified existing clinical measures into a comprehensive digital assessment that you can now access on your own from your phone or computer.  While there are well over 10,000 potential combinations of questions, we use advanced computer science techniques to streamline the questions that any one person needs to answer. That’s how we can help you understand the primary driver(s) of your specific sleeplessness within just a few minutes.

Why the Somn Sleep Assessment is unique

At Somn, we don’t start with any pre-conceived idea about what may be causing your sleeplessness. We ask you questions about how you are feeling and your perceptions, rather than trying to sell you a tracker and then gathering a bunch of data to create complicated reports that don’t give you insight or lead you to any specific action. Don’t get us wrong, data can be helpful, but how you feel and think is fundamental to addressing your sleep problem and taking steps to improve your sleep health.

Sleep is complex and dynamic. There are multiple factors, and what causes you to sleep poorly or enables you to sleep well will change over time as you go through the stages and ages of life.  We tell you this because we want you to understand that there is rarely a perfect solution and even if / when there is, your needs will change over time. It’s also why there is value in re-taking the assessment when you’ve had a change in your life – both positive and negative. Sleep can be affected by the new, different and exciting as much as the frustrating, mundane or worrying.

The 5 Somn sleep factors

The Somn Sleep Assessment, and our overall approach, is to help you understand and address the root cause of your sleep issues using 5 factors that we call primary drivers.  Solutions that we recommend will have scientific support for their effectiveness in helping address the specific driver(s) of your sleep issue(s). The Somn sleep factors (and sub-factors) that explain the sources of problems that may be negatively impacting your sleep are:

  • Mind: internal thoughts {anxiety, stress, negative mood}
  • Body: internal systems {apnea & snoring, restless leg syndrome, pain / physical discomfort, menopause}
  • Routine: personal choices {bedtime, goals / habits, activity}
  • Social: external relationships {children, work & school, bed partner, pets}
  • Environment: external elements {noise, light, interior layout}

The Somn Sleep Assessment report:

Overall sleep health

Immediately after you complete the assessment, you’ll receive a summary report like the one illustrated below.  You will begin with your overall sleep health, how you are sleeping, or not, at night.  And since sleep impacts your day, your daytime function is also reported.  

The Somn sleep assessment overall results

Sleep factors that impact your sleep

Your report will include an analysis of each sleep factor and the impact it’s having on your sleep. A detailed breakdown of your sleep sub-factors is shown at the bottom.

The Somn sleep assessment factor results

Note that the Somn Assessment will initially not include extensive questions on the Environment factor; your sleep environment is not well determined through questions. The environment, and particularly the external environment, is an area where the sleep science is still in its infancy. We are actively researching how the environment impacts your sleep. You can learn more about our Bedroom Optimizer.

Explore sleep resources & tools tailored to your unique needs

You will receive a tailored recommendation for 3 solutions we believe are most suited to helping you improve your sleep. These curated selections are based on their effectiveness against your major sleep factor and its sub-factors. You can see the set of curated Somn solutions here.

Somn solutions examples

Details of your sleep sub-factors

Set up an account

You can create an account to save your sleep assessment results. When you came back in the future, new assessment results can be compared to your older results. Some sleep factors are consistent over time, but many things can change. Sleep is an ever changing problem to solve and adapt to. Come back in the future and see how things have changed. But first, start now and take the Somn Sleep Assessment.

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