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Dreem2 headband

Dreem2: one headband, a world of solutions at the service of your sleep.

Brain waves of sleep

Take the stress out of sleep with a clear view of what’s really going on.  The only way to get a true measurement of your sleep is by monitoring your physiological data – brain waves, heart rate, respiratory rate – throughout the night.  Dreem is making this possible from the comfort of your own home, the first time this method is available outside of a sleep center.

Real change tailored to you, not generic advice.  Bad sleep often goes hand in hand with habits that we don’t even realize are there. Undoing these patterns isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why Dreem provides you with the right actions for you and your sleep specifically, with tailored coaching plan adapted to you.

The Dreem2 System: why we like it

Data from the Dreem coaching program shows that 91 percent of Dreem2 users report falling asleep faster and more easily.  And 78 percent of users reported less fragmented sleep as measured by number of nocturnal awakenings.  Finally, reviews from Dreem2 customers report 94 percent satisfaction with their purchase

Sleep clinics and labs employ a sleep monitoring technology called polysomnography (PSG). Brain activity, heart rate, respiratory rate and movement are measured but it is brain activity that gives the most precise data of a person’s sleep.v

Details on the Dreem2 sleep system

Dreem hardware is equipped with sensors that measure these biomarkers, in order to monitor sleep as precisely as PSG. On the graph you’ll see how the signal coming from Dreem’s sensors compares with that of the PSG in tracking sleep stages (Wake, N1, N2, N3 and REM sleep).

  • No wifi / no Bluetooth
  • Adapts to all head sizes
  • Suits all sleep positions
  • Drug free
  • Your data is safe

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