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Somn Personal Melatonin Test; sleep better

Tried melatonin before? And it didn’t work so well? Likely the melatonin was not well matched to your individual needs. At Somn we realize everyone is unique, and a personalized medicine approach to melatonin may help to improve your sleep. We have created the easy at-home Somn personal melatonin test. You will learn the melatonin dosing program that YOU need for a better night’s sleep, including: how much, when to take it, and which product type, all matched to your sleep needs and your body.

The Somn Personal Melatonin Test

Somn Personal Melatonin Test Box

Naturally produced by our bodies, melatonin is a key hormone that helps to bring us into sleep. If you’ve tried melatonin supplements before, and they didn’t work for you… you’re not alone. With thousands of choices and random recommended dosing, melatonin purchased at your local pharmacy or online retailer is likely not exactly what you need. Your unique sleep needs require a more personalized solution.

For a melatonin supplement to work, it needs to match your unique melatonin need and how your body works. The Somn Personal Melatonin Test is an at-home test that measures both your melatonin absorption and your metabolism to obtain a complete understanding of how your body manages melatonin. Don’t worry, there is no need for a blood draw, and you don’t need to pee on anything. We use a well-established, easy method to sample your saliva. Melatonin concentrations in saliva are directly related to blood concentrations.

You’ll receive a custom report packed with melatonin dosing recommendations and explaining how your personal melatonin program is matched to your sleep needs. The Somn Personal Melatonin Test determines the melatonin YOU need for a better night’s sleep.

Melatonin background

While many people have tried melatonin as a sleep aid, many people also stop after trying it, suggesting that melatonin is not solving sleep sufferers’ problems under the conditions that it is being used. A personalized medicine approach may be a path to improving the effectiveness of melatonin supplements for sleep sufferers.

Melatonin serves a key role in managing your body’s biological clock as well as managing your sleep and wake cycles. Under normal conditions, the body produces melatonin in the evening and overnight. Also melatonin is commonly taken as a supplement. Despite the lack of evidence, melatonin is widely used for a range of sleep problems, well beyond just difficulty in falling asleep.  People commonly take exogenous melatonin for difficulty staying asleep and also for difficulties waking too early in the morning.

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How the Somn Personal Melatonin Test works:

This at-home test evaluates how your body individually processes melatonin, a key hormone needed for a restful night’s sleep and can help you determine why you’ve been struggling with sleep lately.  You will collect 2 saliva samples and return them for testing. You will receive a kit in the mail that includes:

Somn Personal Melatonin Test instructions
  • Testing instructions
  • 1 melatonin dose (3mg)
  • 2 saliva collections vials
  • 2 saliva collection aids
  • 1 prepaid envelope (to return saliva samples for testing)

The instructions will guide you through the simple sample collection process, including finding your ideal test window, time required, and tips to make saliva collection easy. Just drop the collection vials in the prepaid envelope and we’ll do the rest: analyze, report and recommend.

The Report; what you will learn

Reports include personalized dosing recommendations for supplements (no one size fits all here!), details on your unique sleep factors, and actionable recommendations for better sleep.

We only work with US certified labs and won’t share your data with third parties.

The Somn Personal Melatonin Test is a step on your journey towards better sleep. Start now.

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