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Solutions for the Environment Sleep Factor

(Noise • Light • Interior Layout)

These solutions can help address problems associated with the Environment Sleep Factor.

The Environment Sleep Factor

Sleep isn’t just influenced by our internal biology and thoughts – it’s also affected by many external forces, including the space around us. In fact, our sleep environment often triggers biological functions that help us fall asleep, stay asleep, or wake up.

The environment sleep factor describes how external physical properties like noise, light and the materials you are in contact with impact your sleep. Whether it’s the bedroom at home, a family member’s guest room, or a cabin at a rural getaway – our environment affects our sleep. For a moment, just think of those three spaces we listed – the bedroom at home, the guest room, and the cabin. Each one of those spaces is going to have different sounds, temperatures, types of light, and levels of comfort. And, those differences (however slight they may seem) can make or break our sleep quality.

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