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Helix: comfort made for you

Mattresses personalized….you’ve met your match

A mattress that gets personal

Over your lifetime, you will spend more time sleeping than any other single activity…by far!  And what you sleep on has a relationship with mind, body, social and environmental sleep factors.

It’s impossible for one type of mattress to fit every single person. Does one type of ANYTHING fit EVERYONE?  When you try to make a single mattress that works for everyone, you end up with a product that is average, generic, and not quite right for anyone.

How Helix is different – Helix Color MATCH technology matches you to the perfect mattress specifically for you. Featuring top of line materials and an advanced hybrid construction, it’s like no other mattress. Don’t settle for average.

Helix: why we like it

Customers who have slept on a Helix for over 100 nights report a better sleep quality than customers sleeping on the one-size-fits-all models from other brands.

People who switch from their current mattress to a Helix report a 36 percent improvement in sleep quality after 100 nights. That’s a whole lot of hours.  Helix uniquely offers soft, medium and firm alternatives as well as mattresses designed for side, back and stomach sleepers, not to mention big and tall alternatives.

Details on Helix mattresses

  • 100 night sleep trial
  • 10 year warranty
  • 8000+ reviews
  • Natural and organic options
  • Financing available

Starting getting some sleep on your personal mattress from Helix.

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