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Somn Bedroom Optimizer: understanding your sleep environment

The bedroom is a special room in the house; it has a unique purpose, or two.  But often bedrooms are designed like just another room. We have been studying how the environment impacts your sleep, a too often overlooked factor. The Somn bedroom optimizer can help you create an ideal sleeping space.  One that helps bring into and keep you in restorative sleep.

Your sleep environment

Science has shown that both your bedroom and your external environment (outside your house) have a real impact on your sleep quality. If you’ve been struggling to get quality shut-eye, changes to your environment can help you get better ZZZs.  

A bed (and typically, a bedroom) is the single location where we spend the most time and, therefore, experience the longest environmental exposure. YA bed (and typically, a bedroom) is the single location where we spend the most time and, therefore, experience the longest environmental exposure. Yet this environment is poorly described, under-researched, and not well understood. The many environmental factors that may affect sleep are complex. The effect size of each different environmental factor may be small, but we do know that the overall impact of the sleep environment is likely clinically meaningful.

Somn Bedroom Optimizer

We’ve developed a unique service that will help you understand your sleep environment and take steps to optimize the space where you spend more time than anywhere else in your life.  Our Somn Sleep Experts tap into the latest research and geospatial data to create a custom assessment of how the environment inside and outside your bedroom impacts your sleep.

Somn Bedroom Optimizer

Bedroom & environment background

Although often overlooked, environmental factors affect sleep and health. Zeitgebers are environmental phenomena that regulate the body’s daily circadian rhythms. Typically considered as naturally occurring phenomena (such as sunlight and temperature), in modern societies social activities – especially eating, and other artificial sources (e.g. house lights, your phone) – can also have daily variation that function as zeitgebers. There are a number of types of environmental factors that can affect your sleep, including:

  • Sound: intensity, frequency, timing variation, scene, location & movement)
  • Light: intensity, color, timing variation, information content, location & movement
  • Mechanical: vibration / draft / movement
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Smells and air quality: pollution, allergens, etc.

Read more about how the environment impacts your sleep.

How the Somn Bedroom Optimizer works


We’ll ask you to take several pictures of your bedroom(s) and also submit your street address.  Upload the photos and location information to your secure online account. Using your photos and your location, one of our sleep experts will review your bedroom, your external environment and your sleep goals to develop meaningful recommendations tailored to your space and sleep needs.

The Report; what you will learn

You’ll receive a report outlining what we know about the environment outside your house and our assessment of how it may be impacting your sleep. The report will also include personalized recommendations for changes you can make to your bedroom environment. Perhaps it’s simply a need to declutter. Possibly it’s a new coat of paint, some plants, or a combination of things like blackout shades and a bed that is tailored to your sleep needs and goals. No one size fits all here! We’ll focus on providing you with actionable recommendations for better sleep.

The Somn Bedroom Optimizer is a step on your journey towards better sleep.

The Somn Bedroom Optimizer will help improve your sleep environment and your routines around bedtime. Learn more about the Somn Assessment and Sleep Factors

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