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The Social Sleep Factor: external influences

(External Pressures • Obligations • Relationships)

Regardless if it’s an important project at work with a quickly approaching deadline, a sick child, or an upcoming social event, daily responsibilities can interfere with sleep. External influences and obligations to work, family, friends, and even pets, are at the heart of the Social sleep factor. Though we may want better sleep, it may not be possible with the responsibilities we have in every aspect of our lives. So, if you tend to prioritize those responsibilities over your sleep (and let’s face it, we all have at one point or another), then Social is likely a sleep factor for you. The social sleep factor describes how external pressures, obligations, and relationships impact your sleep.

How we assess the social sleep factor

The great news? You don’t need to sacrifice sleep to be a great leader, a star student, or an amazing parent and friend. In fact, studies have found that sleep is fundamental to success at work and at home. Consistent, quality sleep aids in concentration and decision-making (two things we all need when we’re on the clock). It also helps us be more empathetic and even-keeled, which comes in handy when we’re back at home or out with friends.

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The Social Sleep Factor - Somn

Determine ways to mitigate external pressures and protect your sleep by setting boundaries. For example, commit to not working after 5:00 p.m. (or whenever your day ends). Also – and we know this goes against the norm – but say no to things when you feel overextended. You’ll find that constraints can be liberating and beneficial to a sleep routine.

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