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Somn Bedroom Optimizer: how to instructions

Welcome! You are now on your way to creating a sleep sanctuary. This page will lead you through the steps needed for us to properly assess your bedroom and make personalized recommendations. We will be your partner in creating an ideal sleeping space.


Capture 2 bedroom photos

We will be using the photos of your bedroom to determine what we can improve. More complete photos will help us make better recommendations.  The instructions below will help you take useful photos.

Picture view: Make sure we can see all aspects of your room like in the diagram below:

  • Take Picture 1 of your bedroom from the doorway
  • Take a panoramic shot if you can. Most smart phone cameras can do this
  • If you are not able to take a panoramic shot, take 3-5 pictures from the same spot (near the doorway) rotating so that we can see the room from all angles
  • Take Picture 2 from the opposite corner

Pro tips for photo taking

Lighting: Make sure the room is adequately lit. Take the picture during daylight hours and turn on some lights.

To clean or not to clean: No judgment here. Leave the room as it usually is – no need to tidy up if that does not represent your typical room environment. Making sure we can see all aspects of the room as you typically experience it is more important than cleanliness.

Bedroom photos: the good and the bad

Below are some examples of useful… and then not so useful photos. This isn’t art school and these photos aren’t for an architecture magazine. The purpose is to give us a good and complete view. Better quality photos mean a higher quality analysis.

Useful photos: the full bedroom is in view in these 2 panoramic shots

Instead of taking a panoramic you can take a series of photos from each position. As shown below from position 1.

And the bad… the two photos below do not give us the information we need…

Remember, this is where we are headed…

With 2 photos of your bedroom plus your external environment indicated by your street address, we will determine how best to improve your bedroom for better sleep.

Where to send your photos

Once you have your 2 bedroom photos, email them along with your street address to

If you need help, see below for step by step details of how to take and email photos on your phone.

The Report: what you will learn

Using your two bedroom photos and your location, one of our sleep experts will review your bedroom, your external environment and your sleep goals to develop meaningful recommendations tailored to your space and sleep needs.

You’ll receive a personalized report outlining what we’ve learned about your bedroom environment, what we know about the environment outside your house and our assessment of how these may be impacting your sleep. The report will also include personalized recommendations for changes you can make to your bedroom environment. Perhaps it’s simply a need to declutter. Possibly it’s a new coat of paint, some plants, or a combination of things like blackout shades and a bed that is tailored to your sleep needs and goals.

No one size fits all here! We’ll focus on providing you with actionable recommendations for better sleep.

Step by step of taking and sending photos