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Meet the Body Sleep Factor

Biology • Discomfort • Physiology

While the mind can be a powerful deterrent in the quality of sleep one gets, the body, its demands, ongoing changes and, general discomfort can be as equally prohibitive. Sleep needs change as we age and go through major life events like pregnancy, menopause, and illness. Some discomfort may be temporary while others could be lifelong. No matter where we are in life or where our health stands, we all need to be comfortable and physically nourished to fall – and stay – asleep.

There are many physical aspects that can impact sleep – from something as simple as needing to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night to an ongoing condition, like Restless Leg Syndrome. According to the Cleveland Clinic, Restless Leg Syndrome is present during the day but the urge to move may worsen or only happen in the evening. Individuals that experience this sensation can feel tired during the day and then unable to sleep at night. Similarly, more than 18 million Americans have Sleep Apnea, another nighttime condition that often involves heavy snoring and impaired breathing at night, ultimately diminishing both the quantity and quality of sleep.

The inability to sleep reduces the body’s ability to rest and recover, which leads to more pain as your body has less downtime to heal. When the Body is a sleep factor it’s important to remember that it can be remedied. We don’t have to live with discomfort. And, our sleep doesn’t have to suffer because of it. If the body has recently started interfering with your sleep, explore the articles below for advice. And, if the body has been a sleep issue for a while, reach out to your doctor to get the support you need to feel better and sleep better.

For other facts and tips about the Body Sleep Factor, check out this article: https://somn.co/age-and-sleep-how-aging-affects/